I hit send and make my way to the door
My fingers translate precision into strength
To turn the knob and step through,
To walk down the stairs and step outside,
To look up…

At the lightning
As it howls away before the cloud giants
Hammer the gigantic plasma nail into the ground
Soothed only by the rain bathing my frame

The splashes of the tragedy carve
The night sky inside my skull
Through the brown of my pupils
And start pulling at me
Through my throat
Through my chest
Through my spine
Through my toenails shooting out into the cold water running through them
Rain translates gravity into action

Into sensual breaths
Making heat flow from high to low
I fire my furnace bright, warm, and red
Until the next burial


Lightning scatters my thoughts onto the heavenly canvas
Kicking, splashing into wings flapping
Lightning etched onto them
Green and blue and large eyes and a snake’s tongue
The beast’s outline becomes defined in every warm breath

I turn around and open the door
Step in, charged up
Numb to the world for a moment
Until a breath becomes my link and I’m back
I feel my sister’s energy waving in and out of her room
I sit down and feel the current still tingling through my muscles
White and pink and clear
The skies are calm again


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