I look at her and know I Love Her. Her blue eyes chart my brown pupils and our colors meld together as the revving of engines, sirens and headlights pierce through the dark air in the room. The corners of her lips curve into an invitation where I’m the honored guest. A piece for two performers. A stage for just her and I. One where our lines blend together and pull apart like charmed snakes, measuring each other, sensing the air viscerally with our tongues. Her hand raises, meeting mine as our fingertips exchange charges, amplifying our eagerness; hinting what’s to come in the careful comfort of a warm breath. Two hands become four, playfully journeying through every corner, every edge, every crevice, before reaching for the surface underneath us, suspending our bodies in mid-air as our worlds turn upside-down.

Our eyes never leave. It’s our lifeline. Our innermost intentions, revealed like sensual hieroglyphs fitting each other, like a snail in its shell. Our shades collide, moist with anticipation. We tangle, like noodles in sauce.

Her bare feet brush off my chest, stirring the space between us before I dive inside; towards her smile. She maneuvers gracefully over me in evasion, with a slight giggle trailing after her; and for a moment, my eyes lose her. Her buttocks touch mine lightly and briefly as her temper starts over, louder. My senses, tuned to the sounds of her amusement, follow her behind me, unflinchingly decided to cut through her illusion of victory – just as she’d been expecting…

Our friction hardens my core, lifting her. Every line falls, fits, unfailingly, eagerly, fingers lace together emulating the motions of our bodies. She captures my essence within her, creating, nurturing, rebuilding the night through a moment that stretches seconds into hours. She waited for me this long, with wondering lips and eyes full of intent. Her core pushes against my face as my hands spiral into false steps, one after the other, disintegrating under my own weight. She explodes into a triumphant yell, filling the air with pride and her intoxicating sensuality.


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