First Taste

We dance

like the swirls of wine
inside her mugs
until the music stops

her doors close
behind the last good-night as she treads
through the cushions swimming on the floor
back to the couch and lies down
so close to me that

thoughts turn into dew
dancing across her skin
painting her silhouette
with hours of rehearsed fantasy
evaporating into out-of-breath vowels

I cup her heart on my left hand
and let the golden threads of her hair
kindle the red of my lips
as I devour her neck
she turns around
bends, twists, and folds into my arms
I take us to her room
throw her on the bed
kiss her legs and work my way up
matching her curve
and her timing

her laughter bubbles out into the night
as her bed dances with us across the floor
filling myself with her, filling her,
caressing the deep curve
of her legs covering our union

nena holds my hands,
squeezing the time we’ve known
into the space between our palms


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