picture time
just show all your teeth
tap a tune into my collarbone
hold my face in your hands one more time
and when we dance
don’t be afraid to laugh

we can climb higher if you’re feeling shy
and fly
away from what didn’t fit
but don’t let the hours remind you
you might miss me
and the wind on that day i lost half of me

i’m sorry you had to see that
i would have given myself to you whole
if i knew how to put our bones back together
and stayed
but instead you had to see me break
and leave
broken and without a return policy

promises are songs we sing to ourselves when we’re going to feel lonely
even something as beautiful and pure like a snowflake can break us
if we try to carry every one of them like we do memories
just ask a pine

promises can break us before we break them
still, i promise i’ll heal


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