what could i possibly say
that could embrace the way arms can?
words don’t have a heartbeat
to call their own

thoughts could be translated
into lines and curves
but none can match the lines of her dimples
or the naked curves of hills and mountains

when my hands do the talking
my fingers just trip over each other
my hands aren’t hands anymore
and i fall, like rain
unable to catch a single drop

words hold no meaning
the way hands hold a face so dearly

text could never fill a soul
the way a lover’s eyes do

strokes on paper just mock
the breath the skin soaked up

and every push becomes an afterthought

i hate every word that comes out
frivolously trying to enunciate
the intricate colours a tongue
leaves where it’s touched

failing to paint the warmth
of my beloved’s hair
when it quieted down my loudest thoughts to a hum


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