cried in the yoga room again
drowned the rain in sweat
and let the rest melt away
the beach at night
running naked in the parking lot
your guitar and your singing
the way you’d hold my face
and the first time you said it
your voice was so small
i smiled and kissed it, remember?
held your face in my hands
and said it back to you again just so, you know,
so there wouldn’t be any doubt about it

and by the way
i climbed a tall, tall tree today
remembered yara and kissed your ring at the top
the wind asked so i sang your name
some branches are pefect metronomes
but i always liked dancing with you best
oh! and guess what else i found?
i found the other branch where we can lay
and feel the red and green like in that dream
maybe we can swim across that lake again too
after we cartwheel into the water
after we climb a mountain
after we watch another sunset
maybe, baby


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