Backwards Life


It should begin by dying, so that you’re already past that fear.

Afterwards, you can wake up at an old folks’ home; feeling better and better each day.

Then they can kick you out because you’re fine and then the first thing you do is go out and cash your pension cheque.

On your first day at work they give you a gold watch.

You work for 40 years until you’re young enough that you can enjoy your retirement.

Now you can go from party to party, having fun, having sex, and getting ready to study.

Then you can start school and play with all your friends, obligation-free, until you’re a baby.

The last nine months of your life, you spend floating in utmost peace, connected with the force that gave you life.

And, in the end, you leave this world in an orgasm.

~ Quino
adapted by Kuervo


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