To Dream

a new day is upon us!

we can run!

we can laugh!

we can dream!

we can breathe nature through our bare skin
i can write songs and you can sing them
we can climb trees together,

sweat under the green light of the tallest lamps
and see the world happen between our toes
dive back into the earth drop by drop

we can take a break and i can tell you a story
in whatever language you want me to

we can write a story together…

in bark and sand,
in sunset and moonlight,
as the shore steals away our footprints

we can find cool little things
and pretend we can beat the waves

i can show you how to cartwheel without hands
you can show me how to mix the colours under the sun
and in the dark

we can

keep each other warm at night

and when the day breaks we can wake up
and do it all all over again!

or we can keep it simple and just…
Just Wake Up.

IMG_6569 - CamaronCAMBIADO


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