His name sounded like ships and waves and he was strong,
so strong they all thought he’d live forever

his words cut through space with authority, yet gentleness
and everyone sat and listened to him tell stories

he always saved the best ones for those who’d stay after class
as his voice filled the room
word by word
and their souls filled with his sung wisdom
note by note
he’d seal that wisdom in with a smile and a handshake

but nobody could figure out his eyes

and when he ran everyone wanted to run with him
and when he played, everyone wanted to play with him
and when he flew nobody could fly with him
and one day he flew away and never came back

and that day, they all finally understood

the fragility of life
the infinite value that even a single moment can hold
the way souls can vibrate together
and keep the world whole

that day his eyes closed
but they all understood

adiós, Cristóbal…


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