Lettre Janvier 30

Dear friend,

I have been thinking about you a great deal since the last message I sent you. It’s been almost two years since I last saw you but only over a month since I really “understood.” It breaks my heart and fills me with joy for you at the same time. I know it’s what you had to do. I myself had to experience things that pushed me over the edge of what I’ve lived for, to grow roots and swing with the wind, to go with the changing seasons.

In the meantime, I continue seeing the cult grow larger in size and orange cords getting purple cords now. It’s the unnatural nature of something that must continue to go on if it’s to survive, I suppose. In the meantime my game continues to improve and I continue sharing with everyone that wants to play.

This is a short one, I know. I miss you. But I understand. Thank you for teaching me to have the courage to pursue what I truly love and stay away from that which causes me pain.

Minnesota 035-rognée


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