he went in without knowing they’d all be there

and when he saw him
he lost it



he grabbed him by the neck and picked him up
threw him on the floor and pinned his sternum with his knee
putting all of his weight on the perfect spot
that would crush all of his insides

when the police came
he didn’t notice

until that familiar face crossed him
and brought him to his senses

their days of old
being mentor and friend and teammate
they were both so young

he left the worm squirming on the floor

but his friend pulled a gun on him
a bad move on his part
reflex kicked the gun off his hand and his ass went on the floor

and as he reached for his fallen friend
the worm saw his chance and pierced him
except the hole in his chest
had been there long before

as his life spilled out of his hands
his last word
echoed on forever
in colour,
in warmth,
in flesh,
in pain…

in parking lots
late at night
just like their echoing names shone through
every time they escaped the world to be in each other’s arms


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