Hair in the Wind

I had wanted to get out of the city the day before, and even earlier than 5 if it had been up to me, but time just slipped away and 5 ended up working perfectly. We drove out as fast as we could, avoiding the proverbial popo to the best of our abilities and within an hour we were at our final destination.

The closer we got to the mountains, the more the air thickened with earth and moisture. The smell of life. It triggered something in me that instantaneously made my blood boil even though the wind was sweeping and the ice still floated. My skin tingled. My hair flew in all four corners as my breath became the wind itself…

The next thing that registered was the roaring inside of me with every step running up the tree to the first giant rock of our trek uphill. The rocks proved tall and sharp, but there was no better way to test our muscles, our stamina, our instinct. It stripped our senses bare. Alive and vulnerable, the rock weathered away at my skin and provided the kind of arousal that made me wish I were a mountain lion just so that I could savour a fresh trophy… Maybe one of the vultures that flew over my head, closing ever in, praying in circles for my fall. Maybe something more refined and delicate, soft and strong and with an inebriating fragrance to trigger displaying my strength in its highest expression…

Whenever we’d arrive at a high point, I’d spot even higher ground; and made it my excuse to go through the trees just so I could climb up the many ridges and touch that parent material to the earth that surrounded us that day, red like the sky that was about to drown in colour. I don’t know how many pictures I had tried taking and sharing by then, but once we got to what I thought was the absolute best spot, we helped each other cross the narrow gaps to the outlying smaller towers that stood like trees hoping to be blessed by light and warmth; and sat there in brotherhood and surrounded by nature, its sounds, and scents.

Once the life giver went to sleep behind the trees, the sky became a giant peach blanket that covered all, the singing water, the chorus of rocks beneath our feet, and even the vultures seemed to have been absorbed inside the thickness of the blanket as it turned from fire to the deepest blue I secretly crave… And exhaled into a smile with a name.


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