forgot what i wanted to say

does that ever happen to you?
or does it linger on and on
and on?

do you remember the streets
around the old place?

do you remember the playground?

i remember your skin
so pale you gleamed under the sun

i remember the rain…
it rains here now too, sometimes

i remember friendship lump
the shorts you wore
and that little smile you couldn’t hide

how about our night escapades?

the drives from the airport?

i remember your whispers
your voice saying “i like you”
and the urgency of your kisses
as if they’d be our last

i remember your feet
infinite promenades

i remember the length of your legs
and my length inside of you

your big chin digging between
your favourite muscles afterwards

your face looking at me

your eyes, more so

does that ever happen to you anymore?

i remember
the stars carrying your voice
across hundreds and thousands of miles
and how we’d just know

i think that’s the worst part about it

that i remember everything


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