Deux Esprits

All those beautiful boys
is all he can think about
all he knows
all he doesn’t understand

and he’s lovely
oh, so lovely
it’s all they see
all they understand

and it weighs him down
into the sadness he’s known
better than he knows himself

he wishes he were “normal”
when he was little nobody noticed
…did they?

nobody cared what he played with,
who he played with,
how he dressed,
another “he’ll grow out of it” prayer

and he doesn’t know
he doesn’t understand
why everyone laughs at him

tear tattoos
smeared make-up
two-colour mask
the curtains are up
and there’s nowhere to run

the mask slips off
and the audience doesn’t see
they really don’t understand

but they cry nonetheless

his pain reduced to entertainment
for less than a dollar a day after taxes
but he tells himself
“there are worse places”
and it’s time for his solo


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