i’m afraid to touch you/ because i realized i don’t know you/ but i love your nearness/ too much sometimes/ your skin on mine makes white flowers grow in me/ the minty spike of your teeth tickles my fancy/ and when you eat garlic i want to taste the spice in your tongue/ when we dance your hair wraps around my face/ like japanese tentacle porn/ pulling my lips closer to yours/ sweet and warm/ your eyes betray your words/ our distance betrays the cold/ of our beds at night

i’m afraid to look inside you/ and peek into your thoughts/ ’cause it’s hurting good/ when your teeth are so sharp/ your eyes become the night/ your hair my only refuge/ you’re a damned succubus/ and i just fucking love/ to let your hands squeeze my body/ to let your eyelashes draw scenes of unrestrained fancy/ and taste your voice in the back of my throat/ hip conversations/ your heart pumps harder/ and all i want is to eat its sound/ softly/ through your breast


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