no beat
just the burn
on my thighs
rhythmic spin of the hard drive
driving faster
killing minutes
tired memories
spiraling into digits
that touched her fear
the taste of her tears
a bag of cacao beans

her last message
pupils lost in the sunset
drawing goodbye
with her eyes
on the screen over video
didn’t want to let go
but she had to try
she got tired of crying
for her
for this
for what i had and didn’t see
that she gave to me
for what i gave in the end
that she just couldn’t take

leave an offer
at the bottom of the mountain
rip my hands ’til blood is on them
like i tore her heart open
slip and slide feels so right when
it’s not your life hangin’
from a crack
on a wall
on an empty face
chalked up to hide the fact that
you have been cryin’
now you watch your whole self
losing itself to the space
under your feet
seeing memories fly away
like dreams


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