Yana Apu

Drum Beat
Hummed Beat
Hard Beat
Heart Beat

light my breath
inside furnace
ghost limbs

adventure-carved valleys
skin, fused back together, sun-kissed
elasticity, lost

Spirit music
vibrating in my chest
passing manifest-destiny-motherfuckers
faster than half-a-millenium,
half-naked red flash

chlorophillic runner
escaping brainless chatter
voices on cement trails, mindless
polluting the land since the 1400’s

Leave their sounds
still pick up their trash
stash it away
with my anger

leave it outside
embrace light
seeing my bird neighbours
they have feathers now
fluff’s almost gone
still so tiny

toads and toadlets
quieting down on my palm
feeling the warmth
my heart feels when close to them

amaru kanki
wayra roq’a,
sumaq yaku,
sunqu wasyta

learn my way
along the vertical road
when peace was balance
and we were born as humans
rather than bastard names from a dying world

learn the way
back inside
left my baggage
halfway up
when night fell

light got swallowed
back into the hills
features no longer visible
but i wasn’t blinded
starlight entered me
deeper than marrow



trusted. instinct.




rode the cliffs,
swung on the trees
flew in night air

essential to survival

sat on a rock, moonbathed,
looking, listening, breathing,
hearing everything happening around me

the song of the water.. so clear

the caress of tree leaves

birds cooing their young

song, essential for existence

thanked the spirit of the lake
for the vision

and for my life


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