…and they sat on the sand, with knotted-up throats, the two of them.  They smelled each other in the night air, moonlight starting to turn.  Blood boiling before rising in the sky, their eyes locked on each other’s shape.  Words didn’t matter.

She jumped on top of him, straddling him, gripping the skin around his swollen shoulders as she entered his mouth like a starved butterfly.  His hands traveled to her round hips, his grip squeezing a gasp out of her frenzy…  They both laugh, playing hide and seek under the red moonlight, tangled in each other.

Years of innocence and restrain shatter
as they knock everything around them
enacting the combat ritual they’ve quietly rehearsed for years

excessive is the eagerness of their muscular bodies
soothed by the lubricant essence
seeping from their mouths

laughter colours every corner of their first night
harder than rock, wetter than waves washing over bared bodies,
softer and warmer than summer breeze

hungry growls rip through the night
splashes of skin against skin,
muscle against muscle,
arresting airflow
locking limbs
two-tone twister,
kicking up sand,
hair becomes sky,
sweat drops, stars,
waves quiet down,

though in and out they roll,

louder is their laughter.


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