My turtle
always on my neck
wax thread make easy fit
for headstand neck

turtle feeds daily
my favourite time to look at it
a little drop of perfectly smooth wood
and fragrant

always on my neck
i reach for you
always there
sitting pretty
on the mouth of my chest
did you know
how much i love that?

how much
sky water
thunder rock
and you with me

stomach sings
ice stabs jugular
warm blood melt shapes
like science experiment
heart burst while still attached
did you know?

did you know?
every time scared
all it need was kiss
turtle always there
to kiss
thankful kiss
trusting kiss
for strength

but you fix turtle
when it feeds
don’t wanna let go
turtle take rock

turtle, turtle
where did you go?

i reach for you today
all day
turtle, come back?

turtle, come back
i cry now, come back

i cry

come back


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