In Situ

– Hey babe.
– Hey.

She says it in her softest voice as she rubs her nose on my jaw, like she used to.

– I really miss you right now.
– I know. Yo también, Amor.

Her hands wrap around mine and she rubs her pointy thumb almost squeezing, as if my hands would fade away if she stopped.

– I’m sorry, Love.
– I am too. I didn’t know what to do.
– Remember Sunday?
– Will never forget it.
– I wanted the sun to never go down… I wanted to keep our music playing forever.
– …and let our fire grow. Nuestro fuego.
– We really ripped this to pieces, didn’t we?
– I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused and continue causing you…
– I’m sorry for not letting myself love you like this sooner.
– Amor…
– You know I Love You, right?
– Yes…
– We have to heal now.

Her bright eyes scan my face, memorizing every line; burning them into her pupils as her eyelids close. Moments later, pure sadness flows from them like the water flowing from the cracks of the red rocks we’d climb together. Her hands start shaking, and my name rumbles out of her lips like November rain. I take her hands to my chest, rest her cheek on my neck, and kiss her forehead.

– Te Amo.
– Te Amo también.
– We have to heal now.


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